Contract Documents

A set of professional drawings are created that will be used to estimate an accurate budget that will fit into the overall financial plan, always adhering to local jurisdiction’s building codes and complying with health codes and ADA regulations. 

Material Selections

Using variables such as an estimated budget, local market demographics, menu and project price point, materials and finishes are strategically selected to enhance the guest experience while getting you the biggest bang for your buck. 

During this phase, digital illustrations can be created using exact materials and finishes to give the client a glimpse of what’s to come. This can be a great marketing tool. 

FF&E Installation

Our millwork contractors specialize in full Front-Of-House fabrication and installation. Shop Drawings are created for custom goods to coordinate with equipment, electrical and plumbing stub-up lines.

Delivery and logistical services are included. We communicate schedules between all sub-contractors with the General Contractor’s On-Site Supervisor in order to provide a smooth install in a timely manner.